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👍 Revisit the Capcom classic game that redefined arcade action in the '90s, Street Fighter 2

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Street Fighter 2, a legendary arcade fighting game from Capcom released in 1991, has been brought to the PC as a new adaptation. That's great news for fans of the hardcore beat-em-ups because Street Fighter 2 brings you straight to the nostalgic world of this fighting series.

Street Fighter 2: The Characters

Since the first Street Fighter game, the second title released an additional four characters, which ups the roster to 16 characters total. In the game, however, you will only face off against 12 opponents, and that includes the original four bosses found in single-player tournament mode. Every character in Street Fighter 2 has special moves through the six-button configuration to square off against your opponent.

Graphics in Street Fighter 2

When looking at the graphics, we have to remember how we're playing a game more than 20 years old. Back in 1991, these graphics were cutting edge, but today, it's old school, and if you take the PC version, the sound and background don't translate well against the console or arcade graphics. In fact, the speed in the attacks and movement looks slower even if you have one of the better gaming computers.

The Drawbacks of Street Fighter 2

Unfortunately, Street Fighter 2 falls short in many respects, and the modern gamer will find that it just can't compete because it hasn't aged well. While it may have defined the fighting genre of the time, the PC version is a little weak. The game was intended as a fighting game, and that's precisely what you get. In fact, you might call the fighting genre of this time the same as what you'd label the modern shooting games like "Call of Duty." They're not intended to have much thinking or strategy involved, and you mostly just try to beat up the opponent till his health bar drops.

The Street Fighter Legacy

If you want to understand video game history, many of the most popular legacies like Street Fighter helped to carry the video game industry at a time when it almost crashed. We have since seen many popular releases that have made this market into a multi-billion dollar industry. Street Fighter was one of the first games to kick off the popular fighting genre, and while you may not have the social experience of the crowded arcades like back in the 90s, the game still holds a lot of treasured memories for the older generation.

Understand What You're Getting

If you decide to install Street Fighter 2, you should understand what you will be getting. For example, you will receive an iconic, action-packed beat-em-up with fun gameplay to spend hours at the computer screen. Old-school gamers will have a deep appreciation and respect for this title, and as long as you know what you're getting, you will probably like it.


  • Popular game with a legacy
  • Plenty of characters to try out.
  • A piece of video game history.


  • Hasn't aged well compared to some of the more modern titles.

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