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Edit and share your personal videos with this powerful Windows tool...

App Summary

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  • Version = 1.0

A multimedia video editing application that is so sleek and light that it works on the Android and iOS mobile platforms

An Overview of Video Star

Users who want to download full-sized video making and editing programs to their home computers have a ton of different options, as their computers generally have a lot of available space and quite a bit of processing power. For mobile devices, however, the market is much slimmer. This is where a mobile app like Video Star comes in and provides the functionality of a full-sized editor on a mobile platform.

Video Star is a feature-rich mobile video editing platform that was created by Dashuai for Android, though it has since been made available for iOS as well. 

It has a pretty small size to do everything that it does, and it's actually a free program; however, there are bonus features that you'll have to purchase from the App Store.

It's a light yet powerful little app whose functionality makes it ideal for people who love to create smaller videos for social media platforms.

What Video Star Is and What It Does

The Video Star mobile app is actually a play on the larger and more powerful Video Star editing program, though they are actually not affiliated with each other. The basic idea here is that users can make smaller videos that can easily be shared. Technically, larger videos can be made, but the entire setup here is designed to create social-friendly, small videos.

One of the reasons this program stands out is that users do not have to open up their computers or larger systems with more space to transfer the file. These videos will render and send to social platforms right from the app itself.

The way it works is simple enough. You will actually give the app permission to record photos and videos with your phone or tablet. Once recorded, you will get a range of cropping, sizing, and other editing features like filters. You can make the sort of small video you want, and then send it out.

Features of Video Star

One of the best parts about this app is that all the features are really easy to figure out. Users can easily crop and add filters, etc. However, the app itself is not going to record any audio for you. It does have a feature where you can add an audio overlay, however, so that you can still put music or whatever type of audio you want on your video. Most everything here is focused only on the actual video clips.

Everything is handled by the same program, so there are no extra steps and no need to open up a large program. Your photos and clips will be available on the screen, and you can drag them down into a timeline and then crop what you want, add various filters, and create small videos that render in good quality.

There's also a community section with the app, where you can add videos to a community or just check out what other users have created, at least what they're willing to share with the public.

Unique Points of Video Star

Some users say that Video Star provides a very minimal set of tools to help you create short social videos. However, that does not seem to be the case when you look at what it is, who it's for, and what it actually does.

For instance, the ability to capture photos and videos in-app means that you can record, edit and send a video, start to finish, from the same app. There aren't many other apps available that allow users to streamline the entirety of the process. There are also quite a few filters from which to choose, so there's a lot one can actually do when creating a video.

The biggest benefit of this app is its small footprint for everything it accomplishes. It doesn't impress some critics who wish it had more features, but it's impressive in that it's a one-stop-shop for recording, editing, and then sending out short social videos.

Pros and Cons of Video Star


  • The very lightweight program that runs smoothly on your mobile device
  • Allows for start to finish recording, editing, and sharing
  • A community feature where you can share and view videos
  • Cool and numerous filters you can use for editing


  • Some extra features require you to pay for them
  • Does not record audio with the video
  • Doesn't offer much support help at all


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